HAHA those sneaky ADS techs. After a few hours of checking around, I realized that it was not a limitation of the chip, but rather the settings. And after even more scrounging around I was able to get a config changer to turn on the slave device (apparently the ADS techs didn't want customers to be able to have two drives). There is still the limitation that I can't have a CD-Rom and HD at the same time, because of the power limitation, but two HDs work flawlessly. Most likely will incorporate this into my previous mentioned mod, but may just do a perif mod and do new casing to accommodate the now available dual drives, either way it will be a while as I'm so busy right now.

Happy modding!

P.S. If anyone wants details on this mod to do to their ADS or Oxford 911 chipset that is limited to one drive drop me an email and I'll try to get it together sooner.