I had an old ADS Pyro Drive Kit laying around and felt like working it in to one of my mods. My current mod is a cube picture frame mix: http://www.macmod.com/component/option,com_simpleboard/Itemid,29/func,view/id,1386/catid,11/

Well, I'm trying to combine the two. As the ADS firewire kit has an Oxford 911 chip in it, which can supposedly run two drives. I have a few questions:

Is a 12V 1.8A powersupply enough to power two drives? If not is it possible to mod a mini-ATX or other PS to power the drives and still use the Oxford 911 to run the drives?

Anyone know where to get a circuit chart for this? I can figure out most of the connections, but a few are really confusing me, and I'm gonna have to rewire most of this.

The idea for this is to place it inside the cube and thus make it functional as storage rather than just pictures. Thanks, TJH