yes, you can. There will be a little bit of work involved, but it can definitely be done. There are a number of mod guides on this site that can help you with the mod. Take a look in the mod guides section from the main menu.

Also, may I suggest working with something more original. ie. building your own casing and putting the components inside of it. Or, if you really like the emac case, you could just replace the screen in it. But, I would bulld my own case and get an external LCD for your system. I am assuming that the motherboard will support another graphics card. I am not sure about this. Or maybe there is a port somewhere else for the display that the emac is currently using. I can't tell you what this port is though, probably proprietary.

Please let us know your thoughts... O, and, can you please post a new thread for yourself. It will help yu get better replies. I will delete this one when you do so and transfer over my post.

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