Just out of curiosity, krusher, what setup were you using for burning? What brand CD-Burner? What kind of interface? What speed computer? Were you doing something else on it at the same time? What burnign software?

I should think that buffer under-runs should be the easiest errors to pick up. The burning software runs out of data to send the drive, and it knows this, and it should tell you. In Toast, in my experience, if you buffer-under-run you are told promptly.

New drives have 2MB buffers on the drive and "BURNProof", which I believe is some sort of two way protocol for telling the drive to remember where it just wrote, and hold on a moment, because the computer needs to catch up to send more data.

However, I DO know that there can be problems with burning too fast on junky media and a few errors popping up. I don't think that they're errors due to buffer-under-run though, I think that they are simply due to the laser misfiring or the die not able to react fast enough all of the time.

Using my BenQ 52x24x52, I've never had a buffer-under-run (firewire interface). It's BURNProof and was $20 on newegg :P
I have never had these boot issues, but once. At 48x using 48x TDK media, I couldn't get a Debian/Sarge ISO to boot my PBG3 Lombard (but it would any other mac I tried). Switching to a generic brand solved it :P (I'm guessing that the media may have been growing old)

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