I'm reposting due to the MySQL error (I hate mysql) lol.
I got OS X.3 running on this boxx pretty well in the end. I had 2 Problems when trying to install before. The first was my media, unless the cds are originals (not burned) my drive had trouble, or didnt read the discs at all. My second Problem is that the iMacs firmware does not support booting a system from any drive larger than 8 gigs. So now all is well and this machine is pretty damn zippy for a 5 year ld system running panther.
Mobile-2.2Ghtz Core 2 Macbook, 4GB ram, 160GB HDD
Server-Dual 1.42 MDD G4, 1GB ram, 4 random hard drives.
PC-C2D 2.4Ghtz, Asus Commando, 2Gb ram, 3 hdd's in raid 5, 8800GTS.