I just caught up with this discussion and I have had the same experience. The iMacs from the contest needed to be reimaged and I had a very difficult time with the burned OS 9 cds that I had. The original cd worked just fine, but the burned ones would not. A little searching on the web unconvered somethine interesting. It seems that the faster you burn a cd, the more likely there are small flaws in the way it was burned. So if you are burning something like an installer cd for an OS, make sure you burn it at 4x. At 4x there is 0% chance you will get anything but an exact replica. I think it has to do with buffer underuns, but I really dont know. I have a very good 48x that has never had any probs EVER, until burning OS9 cds nd Linux cds. So just try it and see what happens. BTW, I picked that tip up in a linux forum where people were having problems getting the ISOs to burn. It worked for me!

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