I'm glad it was just dirty CD's, and that it was not the CD burn itself. Enjoy X, and don't forget to upgrade that RAM! PC100 is the RAM it requires, and you can get that about anywhere, though the price has gone up due to availability, so it maybe the internet for you.

For those wondering:
OS X 10.3 is not compatible with Pre-G3 Macintoshes, the Original PowerBook, and Beige model G3's (AIO, Tower, Desktop). Processor speed is not a factor, just the board that the machine has. Using ex post facto will allow you to install 10.3 on earlier machines, but you will take a performance fall. So if anyone has any of these machines, it's ex post facto for you!
MacBook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 2GB DDR2 RAM & 120GB SATA 5400RPM HDD
Canon Rebel XTI
Google Cr-48 Beta Laptop