My final attempt. I relized my cd had mucho fingerprintos on it. I cleaned it. I am an id10t. 78% along the base install, so far so good, I'll keep my fingers crossed. base install part 2, is installing, that hasnt happended before... i don't wanna jinx my progress though. Failed. Stuck at 44% on base install part 2. just stopped, and i have no idea why, i let it go for about 20 min and nothing happend
Mobile-2.2Ghtz Core 2 Macbook, 4GB ram, 160GB HDD
Server-Dual 1.42 MDD G4, 1GB ram, 4 random hard drives.
PC-C2D 2.4Ghtz, Asus Commando, 2Gb ram, 3 hdd's in raid 5, 8800GTS.