Well, unless you want to put the components into another box, or replace the components with PC parts, not much. The problem with Rev. A-D iMacs is that you can really only upgrade the RAM, VRAM, and processor. The latter will add firewire support to the machine. You can add light mods to it, though the plastics are dyed. Really cannot OC a Bondi, unless you have a saudering iron. Adding lights to it is pretty safe.

You could, however, spraypaint the damn case and make it into something salvagable. My G3 tower had dyed plastics too, and thats what I did. Speaker replacement is futile, so stay away form that. The CD drive can only be replaced with other tray-load machines. For ideas, I have posted some sure head turners that are possible:

-Change the power LED. It is a 2-color (3-pin) LED. Blue and White= smile
-Add lightup MOLEX power ends for the hard drive
-Add lightup IDE cables into the machine. You are going to keep the CD one
-Add a circuit to it, so when you hit the power button, it swears at you!
-Remove the CRT and replace it with another CRT (J/K)
-Add a fan that serves no purpose
-Add a cattlebrand to it of the Dog Cow. Saudering iron will suffice
-Create a stand for it
-Go online, buy the iMac server rackmount 1U case for like $400. Would be smile
-Make it into an iBong
-Turn it into anything else than Bondi. One of the worst colours for a machine. Revolutionary, sure, but still junk. Reminds me of a colour some chav would make his car.

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