The setup Krusher suggested looks okay, but I think you could do better.

With the components themselves, first you have to take it apart (don't forget to discharge the CRT) and measure out what you want to keep. OK, I AM CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. You will have to use the power board, so that is some extra equipment you may have not planned for. On a flat screen rig, you could do what I am planning to do and turn it into a iMac G5 look-alike, though you have more stuff to deal with than I do, so it could turn into a bulky box. But what you can do is get those measurements and then go garage sailing. That should give you some ideas.

Do you have any ideas that you want to shoot back and see if they are feasable?

Crazy Idea!
Well, this will sound weird, but if you want the components and use a flatscreen, then I'd say get an old turn table and drop the components into it. Make sure it has a large enough footprint to do it. Then if you are into records, you could spin some vinyl and also use the Mac. It would be a great setup for a person that's into music.
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