I'd like to see how others discharge their CRT's. I'm sure that my method is much more dangerous than it has to be.

Here's what I do:

Neoprene (latex-dipped, high voltage-rated) gloves that I got from Home Depot
2 screwdrivers with long metal shafts and plastic handles.

Always make sure FIRST that there's no connection between the CRT and any sensitive component such as the logic board.

I take the 2 long screwdrivers and carefully touch the metal tip of one screwdriver to the high-voltage wire at the end of the tube and the tip of the other screwdriver to the ground that wraps around the end of the tube.

If the monitor has been plugged in recently, then when I cross the metal shafts, I get a bright blue spark and hear a popping noise.

This discharges the most fatally strong charge in the CRT, but there are other places on the tube that may still carry a small charge... PROBABLY NOT a fatal charge, so it's good to continue to handle the CRT with care. ;-)