I'll be the first to admit that the money you can make as a modder could be better. I started modding as a hobby back in the days of the performa 630 and over the years have made some pretty nice stuff. I've modded for friends, co-workers, and family members as well, usually in trade for a chinese dinner. (I'm a sucker for lo-mein)

Occasionally people have paid me for my work and effort, which is always nice, but I never considered it a money making venture. It was more an art venture, a creative outlet if you will. The ironic thing is that people tell me I should be making tons of money off the stuff I've done. The theory being that if people make thousands of dollars for painting custom hot rods, Why am I not making the same bank off my painting computers to look like custom hot rods. Well, the answer there is simple. critical mass. Modding is still becoming popular. There's never gonna be a movie about modders that will toss them the limelight like the fast and the furious put street racers on the map. But it would be nice to have people want to shell out for the skills. Suffice it to say, the most I've made in a day was $1100, when I sold several custom laptops at Washington Apple Pi's winter garage sale. But that was a case of hitting the right market, at the right moment, with the right machines.

Who knows, maybe someday someone will pay me to paint flames on macs, and to pin-stripe laptops. I wouldnt complain. It'd sure beat workin. smile
Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.