If you want a G4 Processer, I have a Logic Board from an old Powerbook G4 Ti. I removed the fan, the ram, and the phoneline in connector. But I dont really have anyideas for the rest of it right now. I still have the ram and the phoneline in, but the fan I needed to return to the previous owner of the machine (another one of the school's laptop's fans broke) So I could sell it to you for very cheep, I BELIVE it works, but the computer it comes from was ran over by a car. I know that its speakers and tackpad both worked, which gives me no reasion to belive that the logic bord wouldn't. So if you want it. I would say maybe $25 for the entire logic board (Not including RAM and Phoneline in), plus shiping and handling. You can name a price. If this would be helpful be sure to tell me.