<blatant sarcasm>

I don't like poking holes, but what video cards are you going to use that are compatable with an early G3 beige. The units had built in video, and didn't have the 66mhz PCI slot. So you could pop in an earlier generation PC made video card, like a ATI Technology 4MB Video card (p/n ATI-3D-4MB-PCI), or possibly a ATI Technologies Mac MACH64 Video Card (VGA/DB15)(PCI), but those would never work. Never...

Or you could just get the Sonata SD 16MB Mac PCI VGA card which was special made to add another display to a G3 or G4, in la la land! Man, have fun finding those cards.
I wish these cards existed frown

</blatant sarcasm>

I thought a little sarcasm could be injected into this thread, so I grabbed the syringe and bottle. I bet you can find a cheaper card, though I provided the link if you click on the Sonata if you cannot find any others.
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