Mark: thanks for the info on the ADB power that will really help make this much easier.

KnifeLord: I was planning on hooking up 3 different screens to 3 different laptops, old pre-G3 powerbooks to a custom acrylic cube. Goal is to keep on the low cost side of things, not sure what a early G3 desktop would cost but with the 3 laptops I'm trying to stay under $100, preferably lower.

oojacoboo: Would and early G3 or something along those lines be able to handle 3 displays with dif pics? I assume that would be quite a load. But I certainly do like the idea, especially the hexagonal box for more forward viewing. Also if I went down this road where should I look for cheap LCD's and how do these connect? (naturally through the different video cards but what type of connection am I looking for?)
Also like the surge protector idea, certainly cut down on clutter with the laptop setup. I was also thinking of putting a router inside to cut down on networking wires.

Thanks for all the ideas! Still obviously in the planning stages but I'll keep you guys updated.