actually knifelord might be onto something. For the price that you are going to spend on 3 laptops to do this mod, correct me if I am wrong, could be achieved with a powermac and an additional graphics card or two. You could then figure out a way to get an application that would play on each screen. It would be like having 3 screens hooked to a mac in an array. Even better, if you put the lcds, that you can buy for next to nothing now, mounted in the same case that you are building for the computer there are some cool options. Knifelord said something about the shape of the box and that got me thinking.

If you have a hexagonal shaped box with the 3 screens on the front and lined up really close to each other, you could get an application to take your pictures and slide them across the displays like a old piece of film. So that the picture is slowly sliding from the lcd on the far right to the one of the far left or vice-versa. Plus, this would keep the amount of wires down, since they would be inside the case. You would really only need one power button and one power cord if you rigged up a power source. You could even mount a really cheap power backup inside of the case and power it using that, or just a surge protector.

Anyway, just ideas to keep you thinking. wink
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