TJH wrote:
I know I can use an ADB keyboard, but thats a hassle to have to plug in and out etc. Anyone know of how to rig it so I can use just a straight up power button, maybe even a single power button rigged to boot all three?

The ADB power button just connects two of the pins on the ADB connector. Connect Pin 2 (Power ON) and Pin 4 (Ground). Looking at the female port Pin 2 is bottom left, pin 4 is right above it. A SPST momentary on switch connected to these pins is simple and works perfectly fine, but getting it down to one switch would be harder, but doable.

For getting rid of multiple cables, maybe splice together the AC cables to they all use a single plug? Don't know how safe that would be but its simple to do. Depending on what powerbook combinations you end up with you might be able to find a power supply that provides all the voltages you need (and enough amperage) then make direct connections to the power boards in the laptops.