Hey, well I have my one B&W Mac system avalible to me, and I was wondering if I could convert it to a DVR, without buying a $400 TV to FireWire unit...I'd need a nice graphics card, and a capture card and a nice, ohhhhh, 200GB HD. I'd need some sort of software though, that would be able to be controlled by my Keyspan remote. I was also thinking of, I'm sorry, building a PC to do the job. I'd buy some plexi-glass, and a MiniATX mobo and I have a processor and ram. All I'd need is a small PSU, a mobo, a bigger HD and that's it, right? I was looking at EyeTV and EyeHome by El Gato, but those are way too much money just so I can have a DVR. I'd rather buy TiVo. Thanks, oh and great forums!