Actually, I've painted the pro mice before. I dont actually take them apart. I mask the bottom, and paint the outside after sanding it down. It comes out opaque, but it never looks bad.

Okay, those rubber tab grommets. I hate them. the bondi's look like garbage and the only ones that look half decent are the clear ones off the mirror door and quicksilver G4's. With this particular machine, I removed it entirely and am replacing it with another one that's not bondi blue. I've yet to have decent luck getting paint to stick to them so I either remove them entirely or use anything but bondi.

Oh, in other news, I came home, and my stencils from had arrived. Picked up the ol' school flames and the tiki one. I then got a lot of masking done (x-acto hand hates me) and sprayed several coats of blue. the pictures of the machine wth flames are linked below. I still need to clearcoat the daylights out of it, and pinstripe it in silver, but it looks sweet!
Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.