Hey, here's what I've come to with the B&W's.

Apple'e color scheme was garish. We all know that. And the semi transparent plastic isnt so hot either. Especially in the blue color. What I did was strip the whole unit apart. I sanded all the components with 220 grit sandpaper in order to take down the shine. Then, from my local art store (Plaza!) I picked up paint. I purchased the Createx Auto Air Base Coat White, Pearl blue, and Metallic White (fine) they come in four oz bottles, and are about $5 a pop.

Now, figure that this stuff is liquid paint, so you need an airbrush or a sprayer (gravity fed work best) to shoot this stuff. Home depot can hook you up with the goods. Anyway, I sprayed on the base white onto everything. All the plastics, the metal chassis, the hoops, and the apple logos, once pried off the shells. Then, I pulled out a heat gun and heat cured all the base coat. Once the base coat was done (three super light coats build up nicely with no orange peel) I sprayed the respective parts blue, and white. About four light coats were sprayed, with heat curing in between. (I forgot to mention, the paint is water based, so it heat cures in minutes)

Once I had all the parts painted, I gave them two tack coats and one wet coat of Valspar Crystal Clear Super Enamel clearcoat. Once put back together, all the bases are metallic white, with blue overtones. I plan to spray flames onto the top and sides of the unit in the matching blue color, and pinstripe in silver as soon as I have time to finish up the whole thing. Personally, I think mine's better than Apple's. My apologies for the photos, they're not the best.

all photos are available here:

Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.