Anthony, just get these:

Power Supply

That setup is *completely* fanless. The power supply is supposed to just snap onto a mini-itx board, but you'll have to splice cables anyway to get it to work, so why not?

You can probably fit it all in a small little radioshack project box.

And magnus, as a bit of a pet peeve - there is an edit button for a reason.

This Opus PSU may have a fan, but it can withstand engine cranking, which is pretty cool. It will even automatically power up the PC, and allow you to set a timer for powering down the PC after you turn off the ignition (ie, set it to keep the PC on for 4 minutes, so if you're fueling your car, you can have it stay on while fueling, then turn the car back on, and it cancels the shut down). It looks like it might definitely be worth the $100.

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