Some fans mentioned in the 3 mod articles I recently posted:

Evercool 120mm Aluminum Case Fan - 2000rpm, 79.14cfm of air, <30dba noise

Vantec Stealth 120mm - 1500rpm, 53cfm, <28dba (supposedly)

PSU 2 ea. Sunon KDE1206PTV1
60x60x25, W 3.6, RPM 4500, 12v dBa 36.5, 12v CFM 47.0, 7v dBa 24.8, 7v CFM 27.4, 5v dBa 20.5, 5v CFM 19.6

CPU Panaflo FBA12G12M
120x38, W 4.1, RPM 2400, 12v 35.5 dBa, 12v CFM 86.5, 7v 23.8 dBa, 7v CFM 50.5, 5v 19.5 dBa, 5v CFM 36.0

Comp USA 80cfm CPU FAN No DBA given
Sunon 23.5cfm PSU FANS 33.5 DBA each
23.5cfm PSU Sunon FANS with Comp USA blower