How does one go about getting work as a hardware geek, but without the piece of paper saying ya know what yer doing? I kinda missed my calling, back in '93 when I quit from the Computerland Indy distribution center, as I could've eventually worked my way into their Configuration department, where complete PCs were assembled from parts coming from the pick zone, or existing computers, including Macs, received customer ordered upgrades before they were shipped. But, after nearly falling asleep at the wheel, after an 18 hour shift, having worked 15 hours the 2 previous days, I realized my future might wind up 6 feet under, so continuing with Computerland was out of the question.

I do plan on taking the A+ Hardware Certification test, in the coming future, along with going for a Macintosh specialization after that, but I must first get around to ordering a study guide or two that've been suggested. Otherwise, I'll find work where I can, and see what happens in the future.