way back when in high school i had access to some cnc equipment and we got to make some stuff with acrylic. that was cool, though the piece of acrylic was only 2x5, so kinda pointless. i can't remember what happened to it, but it was pretty cool.

hey, knifelord, if you get stumped on some wood questions, like forming it the way you want to look, i would hope nthere may be a specialized store in your town that you can go to, like a wood/lumber store or a hardware store with the knowledgable kook. hey, i'm all in for you. and also, don't forget to get a decent file, and different grade sandpapers. a 100 is really good for most work, and 300 will make it super smooth. any higher for wood is pretty much overkill. i'm pretty sure that the finished product is going to look really good.
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