Thanx! My hands get proportionally more shaky the more expensive the equipment i'm working with is smile
I'll try and make some photos / write something up as soon as i get better (i got a bit sick since yesterday) and catch some time.

About additional mods: yes, i'd like to do some more stuff with my powerbook in the near future... First of all, i'm trying to find some 512MB SDRAM SO-DIMM's so i can bump up my RAM to 1GB... I know that doesn't account as much of a mod, but i need the added 512MB because things in Photoshop are getting a bit too slow for my taste.
Further down the line, i think i'll try looking into doing a paint job on the titanium - i always thought black top and bottom would go nicely with the standard white apple logo and middle "stripe". Kinda like the old lombards (i always found them cooler looking than titaniums). If the black paintjob could be made glossy as well, that'd be really cool! But, at the moment, i don't have a clue as to doing it - what kind of paint, where to get it, would it require taking of the original paint and primer and applying new one, how to do that... If anyone has any ideas, please yell...

Also, there's one more thing concerning the white sleep LED on my wishlist. Apparently, the LED's behaviour is fully customizable and controllable via software! There's a patch for linux kernel that enables it to use the LED as a hard drive activity indicator. So far, i haven't found anyone who'd know anything about ways of implementing a similar feature in OS X (not necesserilly just HDD activity - new e-mails, CPU activity, battery power, there's a lot of things you could use the LED for), and i was too lazy to look into it myself... I thought maybe an easier approach could be a hardware one - soldering a wire to the appropriate pin on the IDE connector and getting the signal to the LED somehow (AFAIK something in/around the PMU drives it). You could probably leave the original connection in place because PMU keeps the LED off except when in sleep, and since HDD doesn't do anything while the pbook is sleeping, there "should" be no ill effects (short circuit, overcurrent?).

Ante Vukorepa

PS: Sorry for lenghty posts... smile