My Titanium 867 is finally overclocked to 1.2GHz and working... Oh, and hello everyone, i'm new here smile

Complete history goes like this:
I configured the PLL for 1.13 GHz, rebooted and... things started getting wee bit weird and i freaked out. The fans WOULDN'T COME ON as much as usual, bottom was rather cool (under low CPU utilisation, ofcourse) etc. CPU Director kept reporting 333 MHz so i thought i may have accidentaly screwed up the soldering and downclocked my pbook. Then again, i thought, you can't downclock this titanium that low and fired up XBench.
Turns out my overclocking actually worked (136 points on CPU)!!!
Either there's something really wrong with my particular machine, or everyone's overreacting about heat issues, or... well, it turned out i DID make an error with my soldering work - i accidentally soldered bit no. 2 closed on position "1" instead of unsoldering all the bit 2 leads... I doubt that'd made it behave differently, though...

Anywho, i decided i had my share of soldering 1mm SMD bugs with a 4mm chisel tipped gas iron and caffeine/sleep-deprived shaky hands
for a while, so i reverted to some less demanding work - installing a new 80GB / 8MB cache / 5krpm Hitachi drive, cleaning up the pbooks internals, sucking up a few keys with a vacuum cleaner and having to dig through the dust bag :x
did i mention trying to make a hard drive image with ASR to my PC over SMB work?

Later on, armed with a new 1mm pointed soldering tip (smallest they had), some more caffeine and a cut finger, i decided to do the last step - overclocking to 1.2GHz. Some minutes of really ugly and dirty work later (new tip kept oxidizing and eating up the solder from the SMD pads), i gathered my hopes and fired the machine up and - it started booting... and died... and booted again... and froze...
Bumping the voltage up to 1.4V seemed like a right thing to do (i justified the decision by telling myself i reached the point-of-no-return). So i did some more uglIER and dirtIER work with capital IER. Among other "minor inconviniences" that happened to me are the unfortunate catapulting of SMD resistor with tweezers, getting the forementioned SMD stuck behind the combo drive ribbon cable and having to search for it with a loupe, almost frying half of the surrounding components etc.

Finally, i booted up and ran Xbench. Results:
CPU Test - 147.04
Overall score - 117.38

CPU Director reports 1.2 GHz, sysctl says 766 MHz (unless i tweak the variables in Open Firmware by hand).
The first fan fires up after about 20-30 minutes of idle run, second one kicks in only under full CPU utilization.
Everything seems to be (*knock* *knock* *knock*) rock solid and stabile for now.

End of (hi)story, thanks for listening...

Ante Vukorepa

PS: Please excuse any/all spelling/grammar/vocab errors and confused train of thought. English isn't my native language and my train of thought currently is confused.