Thanks for the karma, whitlock. smile

First, the good news: the PLL clock table is correct. sysctl hw.frequency will give me the correct number after a power manager reset. Currently at 1.13GHz.

Now the bad news: soldering the voltage control is very touchy. I'm currently getting inconsistent readings from 1.22v to 1.52v. This may have something to do with the L2 cache being permanently disabled. The machine is now in "low power" mode for some reason. What does this mean for our hero? Well, it means his 1GHz Titanium with 1MB of L2 cache is now stuck at 667MHz with no L2 cache. Not exactly what I had in mind. Hopefully, this is a simple case of me screwing something up with the voltage soldering and not an issue with the mod instructions. I've tried various iterations of both the clock and the voltage control but nothing seems to bring back the L2. frown

Be warned! This is a very difficult mod and should not be taken lightly!

P.S. Most of the voltage control resistors are 470k ohms.

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