I know I'd be insane to try it, but might anyone know how to locate the PLL resistors on a Titanium PowerBook G4 1GHz? I've disassembled the machine but have been unsuccessful in locating the appropriate area on the logic board.

I've reviewed Motorola's PowerPC 7455 documentation but it didn't provide any assistance in locating the clock: http://e-www.motorola.com/files/32bit/doc/data_sheet/MPC7455EC.pdf

I've also reviewed Marc Schrier's excellent page on overclocking a Dual Quicksilver 1Ghz: http://homepage.mac.com/schrier/pmg4_1000_1200.html

I was successful in overclocking my Pismo years ago and, more recently, my G4 Cube. Yes, I know, 1066MHz or 1200MHz will likely cook the machine immediately. Call me crazy.


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