Well Whitlock, I can tell you from experience and one of the encouragements for starting macmod why I did. I saw the powerbooks, I loved them, then the ibook came out, and it was affordable, small and looked pretty nice. However, when the ibook first came out, I was not a fan of the white look. I was just not me. So, I decided after some research that I was going to mod it and make it a mini powerbook. However, ,I got to the paint store and decided to go with a navy color that had a sparkle effect, (no, not a fairy sparkle effect, subtle). It turned out quite nice. I really liked it. Then I sold it and got 100 dollars more for it than similar models b.c of the mod. laugh But, for now, I agree with you. The white has grown on me, I actually have a white ibook sitting around that I don't want to mod. But, when they came out....
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