magnus, you are talking about the 20 gb model. The prices have come down in comparison. The battery life has doubled at least and the os has been improved as well as the scroll wheel adition. I do agree with you on common business and marketing concepts for the redesigning and the price inflation that causes. However, I think that apple has to stay ahead of the pack to maintain their market share. Also, Apple is not concerned on thier price. If you look at their target market, they are not trying to sell to little bo peep or little red riding hood. They are selling to people who can afford their products and always will. Apple has always done a fairly good job of hitting their target market. It is when they step out of this that they will begin to loose market share. What you are sugesting is like telling mercedees to stop releasing a new version of their car every year and release only the new body styles and lower their price so that everyone can afford it. Sure it may be good for some, but the brand looses its appeal and it purpose. So, on those points I would have to disagree, as well as agree with your thought process of the pricing and how costs are associated.
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