oojacoboo wrote:
I agree with Whitlock, that is the approach that I would take on the matter. I would hit up the local harware store and find some cool stuff to make one out of. I think that some silver pipe with ruber feet with a piece of plexiglass mounted on top of the feet with a simple bolt and ruber stoppers over the top of that would look really cool. Just make sure that the front feet are slightly smaller than the rear and that you have to cut them at the right angle. but you can put a rubber divider/o-ring between the silver pipe and the plexiglass. Make sure that you go with a brush alluminum look if you can, or a polished solver look. I think that this I you can include the fan below this just as easily too. Thats my idea, if you are going to go away from the old powerbook for the stand.

Here is a little rendering that I did for the stand. O yea, the blue things are the rubber stopers that I am talking about, bumps, if you will. To protect the laptop and the stand from scratches of course. laugh

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