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Just another thought. If you have a home depot around, they usually carry plastic like acrylic and plexi. One product they carry that I swear by is lexan. You cand ben lexan on up to a 90 degree angle without it snapping, and it wont bend back, its gotta be pretty tough stuff, considering its nasa's choice for shuttle windows. No to mention its cheap about $3 for a 12x12 sheet. you can get in 2' by 3' sheets too. also, you can cut it without it melting, it s melting/burning temp is 800 degrees f.

Wow! 3 bucks?
My Home Depot carries a bunch of different grades of plastic, and the only polycarbonated one is GE Lexan XL10 ( http://stonewallcs.com/~jon/bellslabs/ddrpad/P1010040.jpg http://stonewallcs.com/~jon/xl10.pdf ). It was 6 dollars for a 12" square! And according to http://www.geplastics.com/resins/materials/lexan.html, LEXAN-PC (What you will find at a store) is good till 125°C (257°F). 800°F is crazy. LEXAN-PC is used by NASA for space helmets ( http://www.gelexan.com/gelexan/timeline.html ) but not for the windows on the space shuttle.

Forgot to mention.
The entire point is that it *will* bend back to its original form.

Also, I think it was more like $8-10

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