Just another thought. If you have a home depot around, they usually carry plastic like acrylic and plexi. One product they carry that I swear by is lexan. You cand ben lexan on up to a 90 degree angle without it snapping, and it wont bend back, its gotta be pretty tough stuff, considering its nasa's choice for shuttle windows. No to mention its cheap about $3 for a 12x12 sheet. you can get in 2' by 3' sheets too. also, you can cut it without it melting, it s melting/burning temp is 800 degrees f.

another thought would be molding one. if you could make one out of cardboard, the cast it in plaster, when it dries you would have your mold. nex just get some liquid acrylic plastic, and let it dry in the mold, add a fan, and there you go.

my third and final idea involves getting some cheap aluminium flat rods, and bending two of them in a slightly angled box shape and have 2 cross beams., then you would get a sheet of lexan or plexi and put that on top with some metal boaring screws , drill your fan hole and voila.

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