well I am working on a personal file management system for each user. Please bare with us until we get this put in place. At the moment you can only use url image insertion, meaning that it has to be posted somewhere else. If you really wanted, you could go to submit mod guide and upload an image there and get its url, copy and paste. But I realize that this is a bit of work.

As for the stand, I think that this might be alright. I see what you are talking about now. Turning it around backwards was the key. I don't think that cutting a hole would be that difficult and you could take a computer fan guard and put it on top to make it look nice.. The only thing that you are going to have to worry about is getting the laptop to sit on the other laptop evenly without being wobbly. You may also, have to put something on the back side to hold it open. The hinge won't support the weight of the laptop and your hands.

What laptop are you planning on using for this project? You could rig it up maybe so that you can use the usb ports in that laptop as the hub?

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