thank u!... thank u!... thank u!... many times as your posts! ;-)

Well... bios? I think Award, don't remember... why u ask this?
I obtain a Quadra 950, emptied all internal peripherals and adapted a pc, nothing else.
I made the QuadraPC because I love macintoshes, their "look and fell".
Now I'm writing from a PowerMac 9600 upgraded with a MaxPowr G4 400 Mhz CPU card, 224Mb ram, 20Gb IDE HD connected with a Tempo ATA 133 IDE PCI card running MacOS X 10.2.8 (it's very hard to install an OSX on this OldWord type mac!)

But, if u REALLY want to put a mac into a "beautiful to see" pc case, PLEASE use an old 68k mac or an old PPC G2 (all the tower ones, because the desktops was really wonderful, like my dead PowerMac 6100/60... X-(

Good luck!