IO covers did not match up, so it was easier to remove it. This was not a show computer, for Pete's sake.

I've never seen this switch that allows you to go from Mac to PC on the board. You mean the PS/2 jumper? Oh yeah, those are only on the G3 Gossamer series, which was the Beige G3 units like the AOI's, Towers, and Desktops. The Towers already were using the PS/2 switch. That is usually indicative of where a board came out of. Obviously model number and jumper block are dead give aways. Anything newer and older just does not have a jumper like that. The reason why is that the Gossamers were meant for basically clone machines at first.

I was aware that you can put a different power supply into the beige, but we actually did not have any spares. That was sad. Our stock the whole time I was there was 2 ATX and 2 AT power supplies. We had dozens of Mac power supplies for every model. Not exagerating that one, but only 2 of each for PC's. I Think one day we had 4 ATX in stock, but we promptly used them.

As for the board automounting into the case, it was easy. It's an ATX board, simply put. The board fit like a dream. I had to remove some of the risers for the board, but it that's all it took.

The case itself was junk. It had been dropped, the support between the front and the back had been broken off, we had used part of the mounting for a customers PC. There was a lot of work to be done. There was a piece of wood wedged between the botton of the P/S and another support in the case, which was hot glued into it. Took some duct tape and wrapped it in the back of the P/S to make sure it was even. Not ON the back, below to prop it up. Screwed the wood into the frame. Ugliest POS I've ever worked with. That's why I had to use Glue and Tape. We didn't even have a decent spare ATX.

Well, that's the story, continued.
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