whitlock wrote:
I have done it. When you have a lot of mac parts, and no one coming into a repair store (supprise supprise - guess they don't break), you can get bored real fast. I saw my desktop at work get sold one day and needed to put something together fast. Dropped a beige G3 mobo into an ATX case, literally hot glued and duct taped the power supply in, and sawed off the I/O cover on the back so I could plug things into it. To be honest, looked like hell. But it worked. The board was sold the next week.

You do realize that the g3 beige (both tower and desktop) were ATX compatible? In fact, some towers shipped with ATX PSU's. There's a jumper somewhere on the board to switch back and forth. I think it's labeled "PSU: MAC | PC" or something like that. I'm not in front of mine now.

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Thanks wink