My first Mac was an IIsi back then no one even talked megahertz. It was a smoken hot little Mac with 3 megs of ram and a forty meg hard drive, sales people did not even talk about the processor peecees and Macs were talked about in terms like 2/20 4/40 and my little 3/40 was great! When CD's came along I was able to add an external drive. I later maxed out the ram and stuffed a massive 80 Meg hard drive in there. That was the last brand new Mac I ever bought. I am always a little behind Moore’s law and I will always mod and tinker with my hardware until it can no longer keep up.
I like my B&W mini tower and have added twin 80 gig drives, a Zip 100, a DVD-R, a Gig of RAM, Rage 128 video card, and a second Ethernet card for my Airport.
I am able to use my old laser printer (ADb) and my new ink jet (USb) as well as my old scanner (scsi) all in one box!
Quartz extreme may just be the end of the line for this workhorse. My son is already complaining that the old 9600 (G3 450) in his room is not fast enough for his games, maybe we both need an upgrade.

The Pecker

(Looking for a used Quicksilver)

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