I'm in the process of trying this at the moment, I've got a 64MB Saphire Radeon 7000 PCI which has the smaller ROMs on 65k as apposed to 128K required to fit the Mac spesific ROM image into it. I have the required replacment EPROM on order and will have a go at replacing it when it gets hear, they have been out of stock so I'm waiting for my supplier to order them. I have no idea if it will work or not but If it does I'll post my experiance hear. I've got a collection of links to sites which have the instructions and Mac Roms and if anybody wants them let me know. I won't post them hear as the Admins of this site may not appricaite linking to such material. Hopefully this will go into my B&W G3 which sits next to my TV and allow me to do tv out, but we will see.
I break stuff.