Very cool, and definitely out of left field.

Personally I see little point in having one, given my setup. I have a couple of fairly decent speakers setup in my office that are attached to my main computer, which has all my modded/downloaded iTunes music on it. With the power of iTunes networking, I have all of my CDs burned on to my other computer and can play them through my main computer.

Since I have a good majority of my favorite music on my iPod, I just plug this into my stereo receiver and enjoy through my Bose Acoustimass 10s. My CD collection is right next to the stereo, which I can use on my CD changer that I bought before the iPod was probably even thought of.

As far as wireless networking is concerned, my two computers are 10 feet apart in my office. A $70 router and a couple of Ethernet CAT 5 wires is a lot cheaper than the $130 Airport system.