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i ended up doing the OC jumper mod, which my machine runs smoothly @ 350mhz, and buffed out the apple. i took apart the case to check the plastics and buffed up the apple w/ the sandpaper. the gouges in the apple logo were deep, and that took it out.

i started off with a 320 grade wet/dry sandpaper, then used 1500 grade wet/dry sandpaper. smooth to the touch, translucent, but desperatly needs a buffing. all i need is a shoe buffer, which is just finding someone that has one.

started working on removing part of the plastic around the tab which is centered in the middle of the plastics that fit on the door. i am going to do a led mod, but it's not meant for this week.

as for the actual 'g3' logo which appears through the plastic, it's just basically a thick tape, so I'm thinking about adding '1/2' beside it if i change the colour scheme.
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