I agree with 'whitlock'! I'm still hesitant to do much of anything with my almost 6 year old Beige G3.

What happens if you screw something up? Then it looks like a pile of crap sitting on your desk.

This may be way off base, but I think that too many parents are buying their kids whatever they want, without teaching them the quality of ownership. "Oh you broke it, modded it, trashed it, etc?!? Well let me buy you a new one at $3000 each."

Like I said, I may be way off on this, but working within the education circle has allowed me to see this happen time and time again with pretty much anything (games, PCs, MP3s, CDs, clothes, cars, etc.). The kid misuses it and Mom and Dad just get them another one. Guess I grew up in the wrong generation.

Sorry for the small rant...