scottk wrote:
Just a dumb question from a newbie .. is it technically feasible to take a LCD from a video camera and put it in the ipod to add color to it or is it just a pipe dream? What are the differences between the two kinds of screens?

Not to interrupt the dreaming but to answer the original question. Gernerally the difference between a black and white and color LCD is the method that the pixel is given a color. For the black and white only a single number is needed to give a grayscale (assuming the screen is a newer one that supports grayscale. otherwise the pixel is just on or off). The color LCDs require a set of three numbers to determine the RGB color of the pixel. From a hardware standpoint they are both connected through a serial connection that should be compatible. The problem lies within the software not knowing how to talk to the color LCD. So basically I wont say that it is impossible but I am sure it would require massive software changes that I dont know how to do. Hope this helps answer your question.