oojacoboo wrote:
Wow thats great, I didn't know that they were going wireless. McDonalds is really changing their image. They use to be the quick stop in and go place, and now they want to be the plac where you can sit and surf the net. Strange how times change.

I love going to the local coffee shop and using the WiFi and enjoying a cafinated beverage now and then bt I will NEVER use my laptop in a McDonalds. Why would you want to use an expensive laptop in a greasy, messy, and loud fast ffod joint. I could see this a useful for all those with WiFi equipt PDAs but no one in their right mind will want to work with their laptop in a fast food joint. I just think this is a waste and way to justify increasing the cost of the "food" they sell there.

All that and I LIKE McD's