I'm glad there is another tech out there that does exactly what I used to do. I left on my own volition BTW. Just the customers became too dependant, and I got sick of them, even the repeat business. Just seeing the same people over and over again making the same mistakes, also making more money than you could ever...just something snapped and had to go. New business tended to go to younger people who knew how to call Apple and were smart enough to buy AppleCare. Stress hit, and the business was a health hazard. We did PC work too, but Apple was where the love is.

I loved doing what I did, it was just the people after a while. They didn't understand anything, they would buy from Apple after you have a sale in the bag, and then bring it in wanting help. We would give them free service if they bought the machine and it was reasonable, but they would end up paying more for two hours of work than the profit we would have on the machine if they bought it from us. It's not that taking the hit from the pocket book was it, it was that they would blatently dissrespect you. Well, it felt like it.

Then there were the legacy customers. The ones that kept on coming back with their 6360's and a 2500 that stopped working. After a while, the parts just don't show up as often. They would whine and kick and scream about it, and wouldn't take your advice on putting a USB card in and getting 9.1 installed and a cheap $50 printer, after they put in about $100 in a year to keep their old printer. They loved their old stuff, but it was costing more than the equipment. These people would never upgrade and just didn't get the fact that a 8 year old computer maybe too old. Then they bring it in because it's jammed, a common pencil jam, and cry about it and try to blame it on you. I would take the pencil out and hand it back, and kick em out.

Then there were the stoners...they were cool. They would show up with $100 bills in their hands and buy stuff at random. Wait, they were the gangsters, no joke. They threw down so much money that I didn't care. They would sit in front of the store, smoke for an hour, come in all blazed, and buy 3 machines. I wish all the customers were like that.
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