Yeah, I've torn and burnt some flesh on those old laser printers too. Luckily, they're all vintage now and we cant get parts for them.

As to being poor, its hard to keep a small shop going. You put everything you make, back into the shop. But, there's more important things than being rich (cant believe I just said that). I take pride in my skills and my certs, not to mention being able to fix almost anything. I may not be rich, but I come to work in casual clothes, I get to do what I love, and the people I work with respect me, which breeds loyalty. A job isnt work if its something you love smile

Yeah, we get a sucker now and then that tries to use us for diagnosis crap. But, as long as I get my flat rate diagnostic fee, they can do what they want with it. As far as warranty goes, we just fix it. Luckily, our customers appreciate our attention to detail and the fact that on the ocassion a machine comes back from apple and is still broken, we'll go to bat for the customer and get it fixed. At this point, I think Service Provider Support is afraid of me.

But, such is the life of a service tech smile
Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.