Word. Granted, I know several people who are geniuses, but they cut their teeth in indy shops before taking up the mantle. My boy Bryan at Apple Soho counts as leet any day of the week. The unfortunate reality is that there's a pretty high turnover for the geniuses. Similarly, some of them are just "joing a job" as opposed to those of us that eat and sleep this stuff. Hell, once Apple opens the Bethesda Row mini store, there will be 4 (count em, four!) Apple retail stores within 30 minutes of my shop. The Irony is that customers regularly come into my shop and say, "I went to the Apple store at (insert tysons, clarendon, or montgomery) and they said they couldnt fix it and that I should come to you." Granted, the retail stores pull some stocked product sales from us, but they send plenty of service to us when they cant facilitate something. Course, why they send me iPod repairs I dont know. They know as well as I do that all ipod warranty work MUST be sent to apple...

So, yeah. Never take a seasoned tech for granted :lol: Those of us who stick with it take pride in the fact that we're leet and poor.
Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.