Thank you jaco, but I've allready got everything I'm looking for. I don't want to get an expensive LCD because:
1 - A desktop environment takes longer to boot
2 - It looks a bit TOO hot - there are too many stories of people having theirs stollen

I've seen the liliputs, and if I were to get a graphic LCD, that's what I'd definitely get. The ACLAS software is interesting, but a bit of a pain in the but. I run CAJUN

I've also seen the OPUS power supplies, but again, I'm going with a powerbook! I have a kensington auto adapter. I don't need to worry about cranking becasue my battery lasts about 2 hours, so unless I'm starting the car for two hours straight, there shouldn't be an issue wink

I actually have a Samsung SCH-A310 (a no-frills phone), and a data cable. I *might* set up the data-link cable I have so that when I plug in my phone to charge, the powerbook dials and sets up a wifi hot spot. We'll see though. Data charges on my plan are pretty high

Oh, and just "Tut" is fine smile