Tutan, check out some of this stuff for your mod. It would be sick if you could do this mod, then I wouldn't have any problems to work out when I try, lol. Anyway, just sugestions.

This is a 7" diagonal LCD that has a vga connector for a computer. I don't remember, does the powerbook have a VGA connector?

Lilliput 7" XGA Touchscreen 619GL-70NP

OPUS makes some power supplies. Depending upon how much voltage you need. There is a 90 and a 150. The good thing about these is they allow you to regulate the voltage input, anywhere from like 18 volts down to like 4, so the computer wouldn't restart on a car crank. However, if you are using a laptop this wouldn't be a problem anyway.

I was planning on adding a wifi connection on mine so that I could transfer my music to my car without having to touch the computer or mess with discs. This would also allow for internet access when in the drive.

If you get a bluetooth connection for you powerbook you can use the T610 and your wirless internet via your cellphone on the road!

If you want a larger hard drive for the computer I know there are IDE converters available as well.

Let me know how you come out and what you are choosing to use.

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