"That would be an amazing mod. Take 200 AAs and string them together to power your G4 powerbook . If you managed that I guarantee you front page mod of the week !!!!!!"

(I apparently am an idiot...I can't figure out how to use the 'quote' function... May be because I'm using an ancient browser)

Actually, the AA battery idea isn't so far fetched. I haven't opened up an recent laptop batteries, but I can attest that at least the PowerBook 5300 and the Newton MP 2000 all use standard rechargeable AA cells in the batteries. I know this is the case for many PC laptop batteries as well. Replacing the cells in my Newton battery gave it life again, albeit an unimpressive amount of life, in part because I used really cheap rechargeables.

Anybody here open up an iBook battery? If it's readily done, I'd like to re-cell my dead one.